Fall is back again and your garden will soon be facing the onslaught of winter.

To help your garden regain its glory next spring, we must cut the perennials, gather the leaves, weed and till the soil. Those are the main, and necessary, preparations for winter.

Trimming your shrubs is also a must. Some, however, will need protection for the winter, it would be advisable to cover them and to tie the ones susceptible to breaking under the weight of the snow. Some of your bushes must be trimmed in the spring only to help them flower anew.

We can also divide or transplant the perennials as we did in the spring.

If the trees have shed their leaves, winter is at the door and it is time to start thinking about preparing your garden for the coming winter, so why hesitate? The team of “I Garden For You” is waiting to do this work for you, or even” With You ”.